Binita Kumari

After completing her degree in Master of Arts (English) from BRAB University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar with IInd Div. in 2014, we preferred to employ Binta Shekhar at  TQS logistics. It gave her a chance to enhance her work experience in management and leadership skills. We offered her an extremely satisfactory chance to pertain to her rapid exploration of optimization methods to real-world hardships. It has been a remarkably convincing mission to the quiz, fails, learns, iterates, and ultimately rises up with unique suggestions and procedures with Binita. TQS  keeps appreciated creating a team from scratch, keeping all the employers concentrated, encouraged, and aligned with our vision of management in the supply chain area. Binita liked functioning with a green team but also being eligible to influence her occurrence and create an endurable business from practically zero. The truth is that every small thing we perform sums to the uprising in the logistics domain is incredibly fulfilling for our organization. We at TQS logistics provide all the shots to drive an ambition with unconditional holding, liberation to make errors, and understand from them.

Aswin Samal

Ashwin always had a strong experience in logistics and excellent relationship management skills which also includes Logistics outsourcing, Organizing shipments, Transportation management, Fleet management, Tracking stock, Corporate strategies, Supply chain development, and Warehouse management. The procedure of creating something new from nothing has constantly motivated Ashwin.  He joined our organization TQS logistics as one of the finest and progressive team members. With his previous work experience at Flipkart India Pvt Ltd. as Sr.Team Leader (Logistics & Delivery Operations), he got an opportunity to reveal his skills benefiting us to generate better results and outcomes for our business.  At TQS, he is managing warehousing and distribution operations, managing customer service activities, motivating, organizing, and convincing teamwork within the manpower to ensure that set productivity targets are fulfilled.

Handling with prevarication on an everyday basis and clarifying the problem statement to deliver an unmistakable conception to our team, is the greatest challenge faced by Ashwin. This is what keeps him moving as it carves out his achievement story. The aspect of which he flips over the most about our company is that we have provided him the chance to work in a timely, contesting however fascinating environment. His pursuit has been served with learning and accumulating with our team of TQS. His thirst to discover has encouraged him to progress and also motivates him to have a choice in our team. He looks forward to providing his best in the coming years.

Shashank Shekhar

After completion of his experience of MBA (Marketing) with 12 years in the areas of Sales & Marketing, Business Development & Ops, we got engaged with Shashank to ameliorate his management and decision-making abilities. With the aim of enriching the client experience and performance for small and medium businesses, he started working for our organization TQS Logistics. Having specialized in both Sales & Mktg and Business Development earlier, our organization TQS has been a rejuvenating transmutation with the good combination of both worlds as one receives the freedom to meet new challenges and speculate out of the box for outcomes while also having procedures to supervise you and an extremely obtainable leadership to assist you. His business skills which include Business Development, Corporate Sales, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Logistics helps to provide the best solutions and ideas which can be of wonderful honor to our clients.  While serving in TQS logistics, he feels relaxed and understandable work people can be seen across the team and across all levels of seniority, we put the better focus on improvement so that each of our employees may, in turn, aspire to influence a little change, constructing an enormous multiplier impact.